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JVC's SPL show car with the boot filled with a Kronik custom install, this beast easily hits 145+dB.

With 4 12" JVC Subwoofers and 5 JVC Amplifiers run from an insane Odessey battery this car not only looks the trick, it will blow you away!!
JVCSPL JVC's SPL demo wagon

Owner: JVC Car Audio

Make/Model: Isuzu Wizard

ICE Specifications:

4 x JVC CS-DX30 12" 1400W Subwoofers
4 x JVC KS-AX5700 200W RMS x 2 Amplifiers (1 per sub)
1 x JVC CS-FS6 6.5" Component Speakers
1 x JVC CS-FS5 5.25" Component Speakers
1 x JVC KS-AX5500 100w RMS x 4 Amplifier (2 Ch Front, 2 Ch Rear)
1 x JVC KD-AV7008 DVD Multimedia Centre
1 x Odessey PC2150 Battery (for ICE Only)
1 x Odessey PC1200 Battery (for Engine Only)

Cabling: Wire, Connectors and RCA's from TOXIC
Sub Box Material: 18mm Laminex Armour HDM
Paint: PPG Deltron (Install)


JVC Car Audio
NAC Insurance
Toxic Car Audio Accessories
Odessey Batteries
Mongoose Car Alarms
Smart Technology
Henshaw Signs

The install took over 200 hours, click here to have a look so see how we did it.