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Have a look through the photo's as we take you along with us in our installation process.
JVCSPL Before we began

Install Day 1

The gear that was originally in the truck.
All cleared out, ready to start.
Laying out the amps and battery.
The start of the sub enclosure.

Install Day 2

The sub enclosure drawn in CAD, so we can get an accurate size.
The sub enclosure tuning was calculated using computer software.
The sub enclosure during construction.
The enclosure getting a trial fit in the truck.

Install Day 3

Finishing off the enclosure.
The finished sub enclosure.

Install Day 4

The battery sliding into the amp rack floor.
The final amp rack framing.
The amp rack.

Install Day 5

The finished install framing.
The install all masked up for glassing.
The first stage of the fibreglass trim panel.

Install Day 6

Stranded fibreglass matting being laid on the trim panel.
The trim panel fibre glassed.

Install Day 7

The front trim panel ready for paint.
The main trim panel ready for paint.
The sub enclosure ready for paint.
The amp rack ready for paint.

Install Day 8-9

The front trim panel after paint.
The main trim panel after paint.
The amp rack after paint.
Close up of the Kronik logo in the paint.

Install Day 10-11

Starting to put it all back together.
The RCA distribution box.
The wiring.
Getting close.
An Odessey battery goes in up front.
The Odessey battery that powers the ICE.
All ready to fire up.
145.3dB after a quick tune.

Install Day 10-11

All there was to do was to give it a clean and take some photos.

The car came back for door pods

Ply is cut to shape
The pods get checked for shape.
All primed up.
After the top coats.
Close up.
Mid Shot.
The pod on the drivers door.